Debbie has always thought the meeting of one's birth parents was one of the most impactful and emotional days of her life.  And it seemed to her  that this should not be done at an airport or in a coffee shop.


At arch we plan to build centers across the country, and eventually the world, where these reunions can take place.  Neutral, safe, nurturing environments that will have a staff to support you, no matter what the outcome.  Healing Sanctuaries that allow for time and space to understand your own story. 


In addition to reunions, arch centers will be places for weekend retreats, workshops, and conferences.  Authors, Therapists, and Healers will be invited to share their knowledge,  work with all members of the adoption community. 


Arch realizes that the need to provide support and knowledge needs to reach every state.  There are many grass root organizations and non-profits that are doing fantastic work across the world.  There is a community of activists changing laws, a community of search organizations staffed with angels that are finding those that are lost.  And they have been doing amazing work for decades.  Arch foundation's goal is to connect those organizations together and have us all learn and grow with each other.