All Adoption Stories are unique and powerful.  Adopted in 1968,  Debbie Murray spent over 20 years searching before she found her birth parents in 2008.   While her search ended with an amazing story, lasting relationships and a lot of questions answered,  that was only the beginning.   Debbie uniquely understands the emotional journey adoptees travel and the impact that adoption has on birth and adopted families.  A psychology major in college, she left behind her psychology degree in order to pursue a business career as a Technology Consultant and Leader, but always felt drawn toward finding her true purpose in life.  After meeting her birth parents at age 40, Debbie started researching adoption-related issues and reading and listening to adoption stories. 


Each story was compelling.  Some were joyful,  many were painful.  At arch we want to hear your story and help you walk the path to a better understanding of your self.   Share your story today.




Adoption is an epic journey.  After reading books on the psychological impact of adoption, studying research on adoption therapy,  and eventually her own spiritual healing path, Debbie was inspired to launch an Adoption Company that focuses on Adoption Reunion and Healing.   The mission of the center is to provide a beautiful, safe, healing environment for all those impacted by Adoption.  The goal is to be able help anyone who is struggling to find truth, to heal past wounds, and to nurture complex relationships.  More on Debbie's vision for arch.

She is inspired to make a difference, you can too.   Join arch today.